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If you are an entrepreneur and you want Set up a Business in Spain as a foreigner, you will be interested in all the legal aspects that this note deals with, and that you must take into account when Registering a Company in Spain. Take note of all these recommendations and procedures to make your entrepreneurial adventure come true successfully.

Undertaking in Spain as a foreigner means carrying out the same procedures and supporting the same fiscal legal conditions as a Spanish citizen, but there are a number of additional procedures that all foreign foreigners must perform at the time of setting up their own business.

The first step for the Set up a Business in Spain from scratch is the creation of a business plan that has enough investment for you to start your activity as a self-employed foreigner.

In addition, if in your case it is a profession with certification, that qualification must be approved in Spain, since it will be a required requirement. This is the case, for example, if you want to open a medical consultation.

Also, for the constitution of a company limited by foreigners, you will be required, together with the specific investment for your business, to have an amount sufficient for your expenses (€ 532 / month) for each family member under your care ( € 260 / month).

What documents do you need to become a freelance alien?

Once your business plan has been accredited by a competent professional body, the step to be taken in parallel will be to obtain your NIE (Foreigner Identity Number), by which you apply for the residence permit and work on your own.

Going to the government delegation, you will process your application for work authorization on your own.

Once the document is stamped, in a period of approximately three months, you must have requested a work visa at the Spanish Consulate in your country of origin. From that moment, you can Set up a Business in Spain.

The provisional authorization that you will have to process is granted for one year and differs from the authorization that every foreign person has to work in Spain for someone else's account.

While, as a self-employed foreigner you decide to continue with the activity of the company, you can renew this provisional authorization for a period of two years, repeating at the end of that period. At the end of those four years, it will no longer be necessary for you to renew your application.

How to be a business owner without a permanent residence permit?

For Set up a Business in Spain and be the owner, you will be required to have that residence and work authorization on your own.

The requirements at the time of the constitution of a limited company by foreigners vary according to whether you are a European citizen or a non-EU immigrant.

In the first case, you would apply the existing agreements between Member States of the European Union, which establish that any citizen of the EU has the right to create their own company in any country, as well as a branch or subsidiary.

To these procedures that you must start for Set up a Business in Spain when you are a foreigner, other requirements that you will have to meet to issue your residency and work authorization on your own:

Printed in duplicate of the application EX-07, correctly completed and signed in the Spanish Consular Office.
Copy of valid passport, with a minimum of 4 months.
Pay the residence and work rates in a period of 10 working days. Currently, they amount to 195.88 euros for work authorization on their own, and 10.50 euros for residence authorization.
Criminal record.
Medical certificate.
Proof of the payment of the visa fee.

If I am in an irregular situation in Spain, is it possible to start a business?

For Set up a Business in Spain being a foreigner in an irregular situation (without papers), the first thing will be to regularize your situation or return to your country of origin, in order to obtain the authorization that allows you to become a self-employed foreigner in Spain.

If this is not your case, you must also obtain your visa through the Spanish consulate in your country and return to Spain in less than three months.

Once registered in the Social Security, you must process your NIE within a month.

As you can see, for the Set up a Business in Spain being a foreigner it is necessary to obtain the necessary documentation to comply with all the procedures and requirements to which any citizen, regardless of their origin, is exposed.

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