Segway in Barcelona

Little time in Barcelona? Stay 2 or 4 days? With these walking routes you can meet at your own pace and without spending a penny, much of the city of Barcelona.

Barcelona is full of options for all tastes and its surroundings allow you to know it even if you do not have much time.

The idea of these tours is to know strategic points with the Barcelona Sun and Segway Tour, while you stroll through the city of Barcelona.

Each tour gathers tourist sites under the "same theme" to facilitate the organization.

Although they are valid routes for all, they are designed for those who do not have much time in the city and want to know Barcelona in 2 to 5 days approximately. So, you can take advantage of the time and enjoy this wonderful city with the Barcelona Sun and Segway tour.

Of course, they are editable and combinable.

Something important to keep in mind, even more if you visit it in summer:

Barcelona has in its possession the Golden Statuette to the City with more descents and climbs of the World, Universe and would also be analyzing, of the Milky Way.

Therefore, it is essential to carry water. Always. The heat is not killer, but this of the ups and downs is what makes the difference to a great extent and better prevent than cure.


A tour to see 10 monumental buildings located in only 4 streets, using 3 more to join the route (ideal not to get lost) ... it's business!

Doing this tour, you will know the facades of the following buildings:

Discord's Apple
Casa Calvet
Casa Planells
House Terradas (House of the Punxes)
Palau del Baró de Quadras
Casa Fuster
Palau Robert
Casa Milà (La Pedrera)


For personal pleasure, the tour of Barcelona Sun and Segway begins in Carrer de Valencia, because from here there is more attraction, although you can start from some other street that is more convenient.

They seem like a lot of streets, but it is a journey that is more than possible. In addition, there is so much to see and know, that the meters do not feel, more if they are traveling with the Barcelona Sun and Segway tour.

You just have to follow the path of the Rambla de Catalunya, all straight until you reach Plaça Catalunya. From there, Las Ramblas begin.

Walking along Las Ramblas, you can see La Boquería, El Liceu and taking one of the little streets that leave La Rambla, you can get to know the Plaça Reial.

Continuing straight on Las Ramblas you reach the Monument to Colón and the Puerto Viejo (Port Vell)


Impossible to walk with the Barcelona Sun and Segway tour and not know the Roman history that is in its bowels, so, starting the march with destination: the Gothic Quarter!

What this tour includes:

Plaça del Rei
Roman Wall (in the Plaça Nova)
Roman Wall and Defense Towers (in the Plaça Ramon Berenguer el Gran)
Roman Wall and Defense Towers (near Plaça Sant Jaume)
Temple of Augustus

Fourth tour: TODO GAUDÍ

How not to love him, if he was a genius of architecture that passed years and borders. This tour is an alternative to the tour of CATALAN ARCHITECTURE, for those Gaudi lovers who have no interest in seeing the rest of the buildings or who simply do not have much time.

Doing this tour, you will know the facades of:

Casa Calvet
Casa Batlló (in the Apple of Discord)
Casa Milà (La Pedrera)
Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Family


Another alternative to the tour of CATALAN ARCHITECTURE, although in it you will find two more works, which in the first tour are not. In this way, they will know the facades of:

Palau Macaya
House Terradas (House of Punxes)
Palau del Baró de Quadras
Casa Serra
Casa Amatller (in the Apple of Discord)
Casa Martí (current Els 4 Gats)


Montjuïc is not only the wonderful fountain that welcomes us, its imposing columns or its unforgettable view of the city of Barcelona.

Montjuïc is the owner of 15 magnificent themed gardens, located in the middle of the mountain.

Its gardens are ideal for lovers of nature and hiking, for those who want to disconnect from the noise of the city and breathe the pure air of the trees.

As you must have already observed, going to Barcelona and not knowing these important points is almost impossible, because you can do walking perfectly and if not, with the Barcelona Sun and Segway tour.

The tour allows you to see many things: the people of the place, the way you walk, to go by car, to cross the street, to talk on the public highway, your expressions; all this shows us the identity of a place.

As you can see, there are many more points nearby than far, so you know, good organization and observation of maps and ...

To visit Barcelona!

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