frases argentinas traducidas al ingles!!

bueno gente este post lo hice por si algun dia se les ocurre ir al extranjero, para que la gente de ese pais sientan lo que es hablar en "argentino"...

Make me the leg: Haceme la gamba
Blow me the quichuan flute: Soplame la quena
For if the flies: Por si las moscas
Eye to the louse: Ojo al piojo
Wait me a charlie: Esperame un cachito
You have me tired, you have me: Me tenés cansado, me tenés
What a white face, crazy man!: ¡Qué pálida, loco!
Go to know: Anda a saber
Catch yourself catherine: Agarrate catalina
You are ticket: Sos boleta
Little female criollos package: Paquete de Criollitas
Boy, you are sucked: Nene, estás chupado
Stay fly: Quedate mosca
I made myself the rat: Me hice la rata
That’s my chicken: Ese es mi pollo
A little police to the air: Una canita al aire
Throw me the rubber: Tirame la goma
To another thing butterfly: A otra cosa mariposa
Like who doesn’t want the thing: Como quien no quiere la cosa
The great seven: La gran siete
I don’t give more: No doy más
Little potato for the parrot: Papita p’al loro
To take oneself the vessel: Tomarse el buque
Not to hunt one: No cazar una
What threw it: Que lo tiró
Each two for three: Cada dos por tres
What face is the onion: Que cara está la cebolla
It doesn’t happened orange: No pasa naranja
What a handrail: Qué baranda
The female pig & the twenty: La chancha y los veinte
To be glassed: Estar copado
To spend a person: Gastar a una persona
We are all alive: Somos todos vivos
You drank me of point: Me tomaste de punto
Turkey’s age: La edad del pavo
Let’s go yet!: ¡Vamos todavía!
It matters me one joseph: Me importa un pepe
It matters me a horn: Me importa un cuerno
It matters me a whistle: Me importa un pito
I’m made bag: Estoy hecho bolsa
Send fruit: Mandar fruta
To be a dead little fly: Ser una mosquita muerta
Are you drinking my hair?: ¿Me estás tomando el pelo?
Go to sing to gardel: Andá a cantarle a gardel
You have my balls filled: Me tenés las bolas llenas
Hurrah pepe’s wife!: ¡Viva la pepa!
Your sister is an iron: Tu hermana es un fierro
He doesn’t give foot with ball: No da pie con bola
Skull don’t shout: Calavera no chilla
To cry to the church: A llorar a la iglesia
To do egg: Hacer huevo
Putting was the female goose: Poniendo estaba la gansa
It’s not nes’ary: No es nesario
I’m until the hands!: ¡Estoy hasta las manos!
Jewel never cab: Joya nunca taxi
As boring as licking a nail: Aburrido como chupar un clavo
Do what it sings yourself: Hacé lo que se te canta
Drink a chair: Tome asiento
Between no more: Entre nomás
Of nothing: De nada
We are played: Estamos jugados
Suck this mandarine: Chupate esta mandarina
He is of the tomatoe: Está del tomate
Are you or do you make yourself: ¿Sos o te haces?
Give me ball: Dame bola
Urinated by the dogs: Meado por los perros
To be in balls: Estar en bolas
To be in flatulence: Estar en pedo
The what?: ¿Lo que?
It’s anything: Es cualquiera


Para que los americans aprendan español)
Sometimes you need to say a phrase in Spanish, but you don’t know how to say it. Don’t worry, your problems have finished, if you’re american and you don’t speak Spanish, we’ll be helpful in your learning.

(léanlo en ingles)

    Boy as n r = Voy a cenar = I’m gonna have a dinner
    N L C John = en el sillon = on the armchair
    Be a hope and son = viejo panzon = fat old man
    Who and see to seek ago = Juancito se cagó = Little John is a chickenshit.
    S toy tree stone = estoy triston = I’m kind a sad.
    Lost trap eat toss = los trapitos = the little rags
    Desk can saw = descanso = (you) rest.
    As say toon as = aceitunas = olives.
    The head the star mall less stan dough = deje de estar molestando = stop bugging me.
    See eye = si hay = yes we have
    T n s free o ? = tienes frio = are you cold?
    Are us come free hold e toes=  Arroz con frijolitos = Rice with beans